About Jill McElmurry (1954-2017)

Jill McElmurry was born in Los Angeles, CA into a family of artists and musicians. She studied art at SUNY Purchase and School of Visual Arts in New York. Before fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating picture books, Jill illustrated magazines, book covers, posters and design projects in the United States and Germany. She had several pieces shown at the NY Society of Illustrators. When she wasn't working on books, she was painting the New Mexico and Northern Minnesota landscapes and  enjoying life with her partner Eric and their dog Harry in Taos, New Mexico and Good Dog Island, Minnesota.

Before Jill passed away, Eric asked her if she would allow future Little Blue Truck books to be created in her style after her death. She replied that she would be okay with it, as long as the quality was there. Eric now works to insure that her wishes be respected.

Jill McElmurry


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