Mario Makes a Move

I'm Not a Baby!

Published by Schwartz & Wade Books

Mario is a squirrel who loves to invent amazing moves, like the Super Looper and Tail, Don't Fail. But though his parents ooh and ahh at whatever he does, his friend Isabelle is not so easily impressed. When she points out that anyone can have a move, Mario must find some other way to stand out.


In Mario, McElmurry (Who Stole Mona Lisa?) introduces a seemingly egotistical artiste who's actually quite likable. Her text and watercolor artwork capture the exuberance of the creative spirit alongside the quirks of a character accepting his limitations. — Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

A charming story of friendship, dance moves, artistic fervor and squirrels. (And squirrel facts!)
— Kirkus Reviews, March 2012

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